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The past few decades have seen a tremendous development in both professional and amateur sports. As predicted by the Olympian slogan – Citius - Altius - Fortius – athletes are becoming ever faster, go ever higher and grow ever stronger.

When athletes go faster, jump higher and grow stronger there are more risk of things going wrong – and that people get hurt. Look at a football game from 30 years ago. And compare it to a game from yesterday. You will see a completely different game. Players are fitter, run faster and play harder. Players clash in a completely different way than before. And injuries are more serious than ever before.

Sportect is there to make sports safer - even when Athletes go faster, jump higher and grow stronger.

Over the history of sports solutions have been created to make it safer. And as sports have grown ever more extreme this tendency has increased in later years. 

30 years ago Ice hockey players did not wear helmets, and footballers did not wear shin guards, 20 years ago skiers wore no helmets, back protection or any other protection for that matter, 10 years ago only few bike helmets were seen and the list goes on.

But even with all the developments that have already been taken to make sports safer, the development of ‘faster, higher, stronger’ sports is moving even faster. And lots of people (millions every year) are getting hurt as a result.

Sportect is on a mission to close the gab – we want to see athletes go faster, jump higher and grow stronger – and stay safe. We believe that keeping sports safer will allow athletes to become even better.

But it is also a question of money. For pros it is about careers – for amateurs it is about getting back to work tomorrow. Whether you are a pro or just a guy who loves the challenge of a triathlon, you cannot afford a long-term injury.

Sportect is about making sports safer – but we very much believe we can make a great business case as well.​

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